Some Interesting Links

The following are some sites that we believe will be especially helpful and informative. However, as with all works produced by men, we urge our visitors to view the materials with Bible in hand, comparing what you see on these sites and associated links with what you can read for yourselves in the Word (Acts 17:11).

The decision by the Webmaster to include a link here is based upon whether he feels the page contains information which will be helpful and informative to the sincere seeker for Truth. The point we wish to make clear is that the presence of a link on this page does not necessarily constitute an endorsement of all materials presented. We are confident that most of those involved in the following sites will agree with this caveat. We will add to this list as time permits, so visit often! If you do visit often, we urge you to hit your "Reload" button to see the additions and corrections. If you wish for us to consider any particular site for addition to this page, please contact our Webmaster.

Some Favorite Home Pages

Pages of other churches of Christ and individual brethren that we find particularly well done and instructive.

Apologetics/Creation Sites

Pages dealing with Biblical evidences, Creationism, and responses to various Evolutionary arguments.

Cults and Other Religions

Sites presenting material in opposition to groups and doctrines that we believe are contrary to the Bible teaching.

Directories of Some Churches

Several directories listing many (not all) churches of Christ throughout the world.

Family/Pro-Life Pages

Helpful information dealing with the Family as God designed it and sites devoted to opposing the abortion holocaust.

Publications Online

Sermons, articles, outlines, helpful expositions of Scripture, and other interesting publications available for downloading.

Biblical Research Resources

An extensive collection of sites from all over the world that contains databases and documents on every aspect of Bible.


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